Tickets for Sitwell Singers events are usually available 6 weeks prior to the concert date and can be purchased in advance:

  • ONLINE: from this page using PayPal or a credit card (see below)
  • in person from members of the choir
  • by telephone from our ticket secretary on 01332 662519

Tickets can also be purchased on the door at the venue, but advance booking is recommended.

Some concerts include discounts for advance bookings – please check when buying.

All details, timings and prices of concerts are correct at time of publication, but are subject to change where necessary.
We regret to inform you that tickets are non-refundable.


tickets available!Buy your tickets here!


To buy your tickets online, please select from the menu below and ‘add to cart’.

It will automatically open your shopping cart page, where you can edit the number of tickets you want.

It pays us immediately but won’t debit the money from your account for fourteen days. This is to protect you in case of faulty goods being delivered, but in this case it doesn’t really apply. Don’t worry, it will all go through OK!

Then simply show your PayPal receipt at the door, either as a print-out or on a smartphone.

Tickets for the Autumn concert will be available in September.

However, tickets for the 2023 Come & Sing event are available below; select a voice part and click ‘add to cart’, then when you’re redirected to PayPal choose how many of each voice part you need and also how many lunches:

Come & Sing


UNLESS you are buying reserved seats, we don’t send any tickets or acknowledgement; all you need to do is to show your PayPal receipt at the door, either as a print-out or on a smartphone.

Purchasing Reserved Seats (where applicable)

When purchasing reserved tickets online, you will be allocated the best seats available at the time of booking. We will send you an email within a few days confirming your allocation. A print-out or smartphone copy of that email will be accepted on the door in lieu of a paper ticket.
When buying tickets for an event the same day, you will not receive an email (because the moderator will be busy rehearsing!) Instead we’ll record your name and your allocated seats on a list held by the door staff at the venue. In this case, please use your PayPal receipt as proof of purchase.